One body

The life of Christ in me will gravitate to the life of Christ in others.” – Watchman Nee, The Normal Christian Life

One of the things I’ve found that has changed in me in the past three plus years is my longing to find other “foreigners” in this land who speak the same language of heaven Christ speaks in me. I LOOOOONNNNG for them! I realize, I’m not only not my own because Christ has bought me with His blood, and His love compels me to do what I do, but I’m also not my own because I am just one part of His body. I need the rest of the body. I long for their fellowship in Christ. I gravitate toward the life of Christ in them.

Oftentimes, when, ashamedly, I’ve held back from bringing up Christ in a conversation while getting to know a new person, only to find out later that they too worship my Lord and that there is a real “attraction” between us because of Him, I realize that I need to (we all need to) let our real “identity” as citizens of heaven be known in our relations to others. For there are parts of the body “out there” that are built up when we speak heaven with them. And if they are not of heaven, they may thirst for it when we let a taste of His life pour out of us.

Going to church is not just going to church for me anymore. It’s a brief reminder I get each week that we are one in Christ. We are a new kingdom. We are not of this world. And though we go our separate ways and shine and salt wherever we are, we will always gravitate towards the life of Christ in others, making those who do not know Him thirst, and making those who are of Him edified.

I realize that I need to be “out there” in the world but not of it so that my “gravitation” towards Christ in others is experienced. If I’m always with other Christians there will be no gravitating and there will be no allure in the world for Christ. But I also must not always be “out there”. In fact, I can’t always just be “out there”. It’s just the way it is when you are of one body… you will always desire to come together.

Are you gravitating towards Christ in others today?

So glad He found me ,

Isaiah 51:3

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