Thoughts from Superman

My boys are watching the new (a few years old) Superman Returns movie this morning. I happened to walk past in the scene where Superman is rescuing Lois Lane, her son and fiance from drowning in a sinking boat. Lois’ fiance is holding an unconcious Lois and her son and Superman is holding the fiance’s hand. Superman asks him, “You got them?” He looks to be sure, “Yea.” And then Superman lets go of the boat that he had pulled from the depths which they were in.
The boat falls into the sea and there is Superman holding the man’s arm as his little would-be family is clinging to him.
I thought, “That’s sort of the way it is spiritually. God has entrusted the leadership, protector, provider role to the man of the house. He’s to display God’s heroic character in self-sacrificingly doing what’s best for his wife and children. Yet, he is not able to rescue them from the terrors and troubles this life brings. He needs the real Superman, Jesus, the Christ. Apart from Christ, any of our men, though charged with the responsibility of rescuing us and our children, will fail. But if they are clinging to the Mighty Arm of Jesus, we can trust we are in good hands. For that matter, even if our husband’s aren’t clinging to the Rescuer of rescuers, we can. He is mighty, mightier than our dreamed up Superman.

Oh Lord Jesus, rescue our husbands! They cannot do what only You can! Reveal Your mighty Arm to them. Give them the courage to take Your hand and not try to do it all in their own strength.

Isaiah 51:3

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