Greater than us

There are certain times that I purposely refrain from speaking out what’s on my mind. I KNOW whatever comes out may come from truth but by the time it passes through my hormone-drunk synapses and makes its way to my lips it will be about as pleasant to hear as a steak dinner served on a trash can lid is pleasant to eat.

Nevertheless, sometimes you have to speak. You can’t refrain from saying, “Happy Birthday!” on those brain-chemical emotion-spun days just because tears may flow with the words and kids may ask, “Why are you crying mom?!”

Today is one of those days. And there are many, many things I would like to say. Partly because I’m drowning in the hormonal curse of the fall of Eve and partly, or mostly in actuality, because I’m proud and want to explain myself. I could keep publicly quiet, but to many of you I’ve publicly shared the trials related to what today marks for me. And so, by the grace of God, I am putting a strong restraint on my weak lips and letting go of pride (you dastardly precursor to hard falls) and am choosing to simply say these very loaded-with-faith words:

My husband and I have returned to our vows on this 18th anniversary of making them. He chooses his wife and children. I choose letting go and faithfulness.

It’s greater than us

It’s binding us

Third cord holding together weakness

Two is better than one

Three cannot be easily undone

It’s the promise I’ve come back to

I Sheila, still take you to be my husband today as I did 18 years ago. I promise to be faithful to you for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. I promise to help you, stand by you and encourage you until death parts us. What God has joined together, let us never again separate.


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