Just another religious blabbering blogger?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to write on my 145:4 blog. 

I’ve been challenged by my own desire to write these things down. Why? Why do I want to write it down so much? Why not just live life and do “normal” things like crochet or something? Why writing… and Bible stories re-told at that?

I guess in part its the gift God gave me. I have a desire to write and I love the Bible. It’s a source of inspiration that never runs dry (and much more). Its my world view. But as I’m thinking through what I want to write I’m realizing its not just my re-telling of the Bible stories to my boys. It’s me writing out my homologeo. Its me putting to paper the reason for the hope that is in me. Its me penning my explanation of what I believe.

I want it written. I want it out there. I want it recorded.

I know its not going to be complete. Because till I’m perfected seeing my Savior’s face I will not know my full homologeo. I will not be able to fully explain the reason I confidently await the coming good of all things being made new- even me! And I also know that if I don’t live it out, loving other sinners like me in the name of Christ, it really means nothing.

Oh love through me Love of God!

If I can’t suffer long and be kind, it doesn’t matter that I can unveil some of the meaning of Your word to my children (or anyone else). If I’m envious of others it doesn’t matter that I’m getting a grasp on the mystery of the Trinity. If I’m proud and think I’m all-that it really doesn’t matter if I’m self-sacrificially giving to others. If I write my 145:4 and it makes sense and is a good explanation of what I believe and tells Bible stories in a way the points my kids to Christ but I’m rude and selfish, I’m just another religious blabbering blogger.

For Your Name’s sake Father, grant me the grace to love as Christ has loved me!


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