It makes me smile hearing my 7 and 9 year old sons converse.

They talk about who’s doing what with their toy riffles. What ship their building with Legos.  What Montero’s batting average is.  How Chris Young swings a bat.  Makes me smile.

Finished up all but one vision and hearing screening today.  Whew.  On tomorrow’s list is an audit of my entire school population’s immunization records.  We have a new system feature to run mandatory state reports that we’ve, in the past, had to manually gather data and put together.  Only problem is, the report is only as good as the information entered in the system.  And with no secretary entering immunization records in the system for me, that means I’ll be getting very comfortable with my ten key pad and squeezing in as many of those numbers into the system as I can between bug bites (which there have been a lot of lately), nosebleeds, asthma attacks, fevers, sore throats, I-want-to-get-out-of-class stomach aches, daily medications, blood sugar checks, carbohydrate and insulin calculations, calls to parents, calls from parents, calls to teachers, etc.   Should be a full day.

Tomorrow is the last full school day for the kids at my school.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are half days.  Someone I work with today mentioned we only have one more full day and three half days left!  Someone else responded that didn’t count since only the kids get to go home early, not us.  To which I responded, it does count because you can get a lot more done without the kids.  All those numbers will get entered when no one’s coming in my office every 5 minutes with a nurse-need.  I prefer the kids to the numbers and papers hands-down any day!  But when the no-fun work has to get done, it can get done much more efficiently with just me, itunes and the 10 key pad.

The boys asked me tonight if I get scared when dad’s not around.  What if someone breaks into the house? What should we do?  They definitely feel protected when dad is here.  I told them a verse from the Bible that always brings me comfort:

In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.- Psalm 4:8

It feels more safe with a man in the house.  But the truth is, the LORD alone is the one who makes me dwell in safety.  Man or no man.

I also told them a trick I use when I’m scared: sing!  Sing a song like this:


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