Short and Sweet

I took the boys to church at Trinity Bible Church today. It was a nice, big, juicy steak. The Bible was preached… no bells or whistles, just truth. I liked it!

The message was from 2 Timothy 2:1-13.  My take-away:

  1. The Christian suffers while walking by faith following Christ like the soldier, the athlete and the farmer.
  2. The soldier must stay focused.  So must the Christian: eyes on the prize- Christ face to face!
  3. The athlete must know the rules to properly play the game.  Know God’s spiritual “rules” so you won’t be disqualified.  
  4. The farmer must be patient.  So must the Christian: years of investing your life with no results may be the case, but in the end, there will be a harvest that makes up for it all!

And there was desert too: A nice young family with kids my kids’ age introduced themselves and their kids were very quick to say how much they loved the youth group and middle school Bible study on Wednesday nights.

We will go back next Sunday.

Hopefully the run of whatever has taken 2 out of 4 members of our household down with pneumonia is over!  Good riddance!  That was no fun.

When it’s time to start thinking about what’s best for mom and dad cause their health is failing or may begin failing soon… it’s hard.  As far as I know I’m still 16 and my parents are still in their 30’s.  I guess I need to face reality and start praying and thinking about these things.  Wish I lived closer to my parents so I could just be there.  It’s hard.

I’m having the greatest fun making a variety of goat milk soaps!  No matter where this goes, I think I’ve got a hobby that won’t be going away.  You know what you’ll be getting from me for Christmas.

Well, better hit the hay.  Tomorrow I’m only a goat farmer for about an hour at sunrise before donning the nurse scrubs and heading into the hospital for a 12 hour, 9000 + step shift.


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