End of the day (very brief) thoughts: The stomach flu, Nuclear war and writing


I have about ten tabs open on my laptop for places to submit articles in the coming days. I submitted one today to Desiring God. We shall see. I feel a little like that woman who touched Jesus in the crowds of people pressing against him. She probably thought, “There’s no way he’s going to notice me. Look at all these people!” But he did. And not that I’m hoping Jesus will notice me, but there’s a fire in my bones to write. It’s part of what God has me doing. Right now I’ll be thankful for rejection letters with advice in them. I like learning. I like learning to write better.

Today I spent most of the day disinfecting our house. The husband and one of the sons spent most of the night and morning puking. Ugh. The stomach flu.

Tomorrow I’ll get to see a cousin I haven’t seen since I was a little girl. Family coming in from out of town to visit grandma and my Aunt and Uncle. I really hope I bleached and Lysoled the stomach flu away. I don’t want to wake up puking and I certainly don’t want to bring it to my family.

That’s about all I got tonight. I have lots on my mind but the forehead is wrinkling with fatigue so I better sign off.

I leave with this thought:

I heard an expert on NPR today say that there’s a 20% chance we could end up in a nuclear war conflict with North Korea.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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