Free Printable Prayers for Children and Teens

Take the 8 Powerful Prayers To Pray Over Your Children with you in your purse or Bible. Stick them to your mirror, or lay them beside your bed.

Use these scriptures and prayers as a guide and inspiration to pray for your children wherever you are.

Click on the image below for your FREE printable of these 8 prayers and Bible verse.


  1. Hi Seila! I am Elena and I live in the Netherlands, nice to e-meet you. I really love your posts and find a lot of strength in them. I am also married to an unbeliever so it is very encouraging to me.

    I love these prayers, it’s so funny because I am part of a Mothers in Prayers group and we are praying the bible for our children as well, and I love these prayers you shared.

    I am not sure if it’s possible to share the Word document so we can actually insert the name of the child and then print them? If not, no worries – thanks again for sharing. God bless!

  2. Sheila Dougal says:

    Hi Elena! Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m so glad these posts have encouraged you. And I would be happy to share the word document! I’ll update the post to include the link to the word document but for now here it is. Thank you for asking for that!!AvWP3ESEcy8Dhw4cWFrX_2Ztj1mE

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