End of day thoughts. And a silly poem.

Sinus Cacophony by Sheila Dougal Should be sweet voice Soft child speak Should be jolly laughs Make smiles peak But throbbing face Every sound creates Sinus Cacophony  And that's about all I can muster today folks.  The sinus headache is in full force today.  Despite it's stabbing, throbbing anger, I really enjoyed every minute of… Continue reading End of day thoughts. And a silly poem.

Reflections on 2017 and resolves for 2018

The last three days of 2017 will be mostly spent at the hospital where I work.  So if not now, I won't have much of a chance to reflect on 2017 or make plans for 2018 before it's here. Today I went to the gym after waking up late (7:30 am is two hours of… Continue reading Reflections on 2017 and resolves for 2018

Some good things in a hard few days

The last couple days have been not my better ones.  Probably the best part of them was the hour I spent on the floor smiling and making funny noises with 1 year olds in the church nursery.  It's the most smiling I've done in the last 48 hours. Some days are hard.  And I get… Continue reading Some good things in a hard few days

An Unlikely 23 Years

 Wedding Day- Sept.4, 1993Connor's birthday- April 1, 2003During our first separation and pregnancy with Ryland- November 2004Seeking a new start in Arizona all together- October 2005 Second separation March 2010Still together on a desert trail- Spring 2015Today has been a tough day, emotionally.Twenty three years ago today I made a vow before God and about 100… Continue reading An Unlikely 23 Years

Yeah, I’m sitting here playing

I have been sitting here playing around with my blog.  My abandoned blog.  Turkey is in the oven.  Our turkey is farm-raised, free-range from my neighbor across the alley. I watched her grow.  The neighbor did the dirty work and traded me 3 loaves of soap for this beauty of a turkey. Of course, my tried… Continue reading Yeah, I’m sitting here playing

Second living of the past few weeks

I have been planning our yearly summer trip to Oregon, trying to keep a semblance of order yet keep the vacation in our summer break, doing the daily things that keep a home running and in the back of my mind through it all I have blog posts going through my brain. Smile. Sigh.Time budgeting… Continue reading Second living of the past few weeks