Hung up thoughts

I ended up spending the past half hour changing my picture fifty times on Facebook and reading my pastor's very amusing blog. This is the problem with me and writing. Thoughts, some longer than others, some more sensical than others, come into my head usually while I'm driving. By the time I get home, think... Continue Reading →

I thought croup was just for kids!

Apparently not. Suddenly croup caused things to get real tight in my throat last night, drained me of all energy, slapped me with a nice headache and terrible barking-seal-painful cough!Before that, I stepped away from the screen to devote some time on my knees. Nothing in particular, just needing to keep the main thing the... Continue Reading →

Lots of thoughts

I haven't been giving "regular" or scheduled time to writing out well-thought and sincere posts lately, though I have a million of those posts floating around in my head.I would like to share what our first month of homeschool has been like and what resources and ideas are working for me with busy 5 and... Continue Reading →

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