Help! Resume template or trick needed!

I’m trying to print- JUST PRINT- out a resume I put together on a free program online and of course the catch is…YOU CAN’T PRINT IT UNLESS YOU BUY A MEMBERSHIP WITH THEM!!!

Anyway, any of you dear-ones who are more savvy than I when it comes to stuff like this have any ideas!?

I’m trying to update my R.N. resume so as to reflect my absence from the job-market for the past couple years and make it more of a general resume so that I can apply for some child-care positions at my local gym and elsewhere, just to bring a little income in without having to leave my kiddos.

I tried to find a template for resumes on my Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word programs on my computer but…NADA! Nothing there! So now I have a cute little resume saved and ready to go at PONGO but no way to print it up.

If any of you know of a free template or link or trick or whatever that I could use to print this baby out that would be awesome!!!



  1. Yikes, hope you figure it out!I have a friend who is quite the techie over at Just Joshin.’ You can find his link on my sidebar. He’s always helping me with the tech geek stuff.

  2. Thanks Laura, I’ll check out Just Joshin’!

  3. Transformed says:

    Let me know if you are still looking. We have a number of templates on our computer.

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