Hebrews Thirteen Three Sunday

I just want to take some time each Sunday morning to post about and pray about my brothers and sisters in hostile nations. My heart is this: Every Sunday (or almost every Sunday) I take my sons to worship Jesus with our friends without any fear of ANYTHING! Oftentimes while I'm singing or taking in... Continue Reading →

In all your listening, listen to this

The Voice of the Martyrs now has a website where you can listen to news podcasts about current persecution against Christians around the world. This is news you WON'T hear on your local news or even cable news shows.As I was listening to this podcast updating news of violence against Christians in India and Ethiopia... Continue Reading →

Prayer for China

(This is Shuang Shuying- a 76 year old beloved of Jesus imprisoned in China while walking next to the Olympic site with her house-church-leader son)Father God, as I listened today to the message about David and Saul, about how Saul was dead yet even though he had persecuted and tried to kill David, David wept... Continue Reading →

On your way to church today remember

(Chinese Christians worshipping Jesus "illegally" in a house church in China)Today in China many lovers of Jesus are risking imprisonment, torture, loss of home, job, income, reputation, etc. to get together with each other and pray, read God's word, sing to the Lord and enjoy fellowship in the Spirit together.Whether you've already been to worship... Continue Reading →

Hebrews Thirteen Three: China

The Olympics begin in China in 7 days. All eyes will be on the China we can see on t.v. and it's the China, China wants us to see. But there's more than meets the eye.Recently, the Lord began turning my heart towards praying for the people who make my clothes. Now almost every time... Continue Reading →

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