Prayer for China

(This is Shuang Shuying- a 76 year old beloved of Jesus imprisoned in China while walking next to the Olympic site with her house-church-leader son)

Father God, as I listened today to the message about David and Saul, about how Saul was dead yet even though he had persecuted and tried to kill David, David wept and truly loved Saul.

It made me think of the Christians in China and so many other places, who truly love their “Saul”- the people who govern over them. They desire to do no harm, only to spread the love of Christ and even to serve those who rule over them as though they served Christ Himself and yet their “Saul” continues to crazily chase and persecute them.

Father I pray you would strengthen the hearts of believers in China and other hostile places. I pray your love would so overflow their hearts that what the enemy is meaning for evil against Your people would only be used for good. I pray the very puppets in the enemy’s hand who persecute Your people would be able to see Jesus! Reveal Jesus to them Father and draw them into Your kingdom.

Be the hiding place and the strong tower of refuge for Your people to run to while their “Saul” chases them. Send Your salvation rampantly throughout China LORD, and throughout the nations where Your people suffer for Your name’s sake.


  1. Heather says:

    I have written her a letter. I love doing the prison letters!

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