The real, not so glamorous, Christmas story

  On a night (or maybe it was day), in Roman occupied ancient Israel, a young, Jewish woman writhed, and cried as the excruciating pains of labor gripped her body and tore her flesh.  And there, where animals in the ancient world feed, a vernix and blood covered baby boy, swaddled in clothes to keep… Continue reading The real, not so glamorous, Christmas story

Isaiah, I believe your report

(image credit) Isaiah, I Believe Your Report by Sheila Dougal O God of Isaiah! I believe your report! You cut me from the Rock. You planted in me the Word. You made me your child because you became the Servant. My transgressions pierced You. My sins crushed You. One of your smallest stones yet you… Continue reading Isaiah, I believe your report

Some good things in a hard few days

The last couple days have been not my better ones.  Probably the best part of them was the hour I spent on the floor smiling and making funny noises with 1 year olds in the church nursery.  It's the most smiling I've done in the last 48 hours. Some days are hard.  And I get… Continue reading Some good things in a hard few days

The difference between submitting to authority and leaning on authority

(photo credit) "In that day the remnant of Israel and the survivors of the house of Jacob will no more lean on him who struck them, but will lean on the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, in truth. -Isaiah 10:20." I've been reading through Isaiah with the #IsaiahChristmas community the past few days.  One… Continue reading The difference between submitting to authority and leaning on authority

Just keep reading

(Image credit: Paul Gauguin, Te Tamari No Atua (Nativity),1896) *Before I begin, you should really go to that image credit link and read about this painting of the Nativity.* I'm not a Bible scholar. I really enjoy reading and studying the Bible, but I don't have any formal education in the Bible.  I have had some… Continue reading Just keep reading