Isaiah, I believe your report

(image credit) Isaiah, I Believe Your Report by Sheila Dougal O God of Isaiah! I believe your report! You cut me from the Rock. You planted in me the Word. You made me your child because you became the Servant. My transgressions pierced You. My sins crushed You. One of your smallest stones yet you... Continue Reading →

Just keep reading

(Image credit: Paul Gauguin, Te Tamari No Atua (Nativity),1896) *Before I begin, you should really go to that image credit link and read about this painting of the Nativity.* I'm not a Bible scholar. I really enjoy reading and studying the Bible, but I don't have any formal education in the Bible.  I have had some... Continue Reading →

Waiting on God

I've decided to join the online #IsaiahChristmas community on Twitter, headed up by Tony Reinke, in an Advent reading through the book of Isaiah this year.  Today: Chapter 1 and 2. Maybe it's the 24 years of praying.  Maybe it's the reading of God's righteous expose of his peoples crooked condition.  Maybe it's the constant... Continue Reading →

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