Let Down by God?

This past Sunday I stood in a high school theatre with dozens of people I don't know looking up at the screen where the band was projecting the words to the songs we were singing to God:You're never gonna letNever gonna let me downYou're never gonna letNever gonna let me downWhen I get to church,... Continue Reading →

Mixed feelings on 42.

As of today I'm 42.  Today is a mixed bag of emotions. The day started at 5:30 AM, which is an hour and a half sleep-in compared to the 4 AM wake up call on workdays.  The baby goats are being separated from their mom's at night to begin the weaning process, so when I... Continue Reading →

You should really try this!

So daily life is full and prayer is taking on a much greater importance and dedicated time slot in my life. (Thank God!!) There's also the dairy-goat life and staying in touch with good friends. This week a neighbor asked me if I'd like to join her weekly for prayer and Bible study. We got... Continue Reading →

Do you know Jochebed?

Moses in his mothers arms' by Simeon Solomon (1840-1905) *This post was originally written in 2014.  I've been thinking a lot about my sons and my prayers for them... this post came to mind.  * What do you do as a mom when you know your child grows up under the influence of authorities in... Continue Reading →

Casting Cares

(The first year that he's taller than the tree. Tummy flop.)I have a lot on my mind. A lot of people and circumstances. I was climbing the stairs earlier, attempting to just carry on with my "normal" daily activities and the weight of all these cares brought me to my knees right there. I had... Continue Reading →

God is not Dr. Crabby Pants

(Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my son Ryland)It started at 1:30 AM, Thursday.  I can't do math in my sleep-deprived brain at this point, but in however many hours it's been since 1:30 AM Thursday, I've had a couple hours of sleep.  My husband has had less.  Not good.My husband was called out to investigate a messy... Continue Reading →

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