Learn to rest

There comes a time in every mom‘s life when her kids don’t need her to tend to their physical needs anymore. They don’t need her the same way they did when she held them in her lap. A time comes when circumstances are such that you don’t have control. You’re not the planner.You’re not the... Continue Reading →

He’s holding you

You work so hard as if the hours you spend sweating and digging planning arguing and solving will make everything right. Then it rains on your freshly poured concrete and a sudden wind bends the trees you just planted and the test is positive- you're going to have a baby and your cursing and anger... Continue Reading →


Time for bed time to take my weary head and lay it down upon a sham and close my lids tuck and press until i find that perfect rest. I'll die in a sense no defense no pretense no justification no preparation. If burglar comes i won't be ready if news breaks i won't be... Continue Reading →

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