woman sleeping
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Time for bed
time to take my weary head
and lay it down
upon a sham
and close my lids
tuck and press
until i find
that perfect rest.

I’ll die in a sense
no defense
no pretense
no justification
no preparation.

If burglar comes
i won’t be ready
if news breaks
i won’t be savvy.

Helpless here I lay
Can’t deny
I’m vulnerable.

If death comes
while I lie
I won’t be wiser
to try.

Unless another
keeps my watch
I’ll be a sitting duck
every noc.

Why so proud?
Why so driven?
Why act like
life is yours for the living?
You die every day.
You cannot stand by
the thought that
you’ll be here
another eventide.

You don’t know what comes
while you wake
much less what comes
when you’re prostrate.

Now I lie me down to sleep
I pray
because I know I’m weak
I die every day before
I wake
I pray, O Lord,
my soul give rest.

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