A piece of my heart…

I’ve had a million posts floating around in my head. I’ve wanted to share with you all about how God’s redefined homemaking for me (I think that could be a series!). I’ve wanted to explain to some of you who’ve followed me because I homeschool why I’m now taking my son to public school. I’ve wanted to share more of my love dare journey with you, and I have about 12 different LOGOS posts going through my head that I want to get written down.

But for now, can I just share a piece of my heart with you?

I read this in Amy Charmichael’s book The Edges of His Ways the other day:

It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” -Luke 12:32

These words have been life to me many a time, and have held me steadfast. Not the devices of the enemy, but our Father’s good pleasure must be accomplished. That word was rock. So when we are facing the impossible, we can count upon the God of the Impossible.

I have been reassuring myself with this sweet promise from Jesus like Amy did years ago.

The desire of my heart to love like Christ, or rather, to be the vessel through which He loves whomever He wills; the impossible walls that separate me from many I love; the giants of deeply rooted wrong ways that are in my life and the lives of those I love; the people all around me in whom I can find no refuge…all of these are impossibilities. I’m overwhelmed! And then I hear the sweet promise, “It’s my pleasure daughter to give you the Kingdom! Ask for the Kingdom. Seek first the Kingdom. Believe ME! It’s my pleasure to give you the Kingdom!

Oh King of the Universe, come conquer my heart! Come wipe away every fear of man, his looks, his judgements, his prejudices, his anger, his poison gossip. Unite my heart to fear You only! Teach me how to scale walls and how to slay the giants. Be my refuge! Give me courage to walk out there believing that it’s YOUR pleasure to give me these things that I ask for which are in accord with Your will.

Redeeming the time

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