I believe

I believe that there is one God, Creator of all things, who made people the crown of His creation. Living works of art in His own image. Loved, and therefore given the freedom to choose, we chose our own way and everything went terribly wrong.

I believe all of history is really HIS-STORY, the story of God redeeming with His own humbled, and sacrificed life, all that we destroyed- including ourselves.

I believe God was made into flesh and walked a mile in our shoes. I believe He knows us better than we know ourselves. For His awareness was not clouded by the poison of choosing wrongly. He experienced the fallen-ness of the mess we’ve made and loved us in the midst of it.

I believe He is the Savior of the world. I believe He is life and there is no other life. I believe one day He will make all things new.

I believe He loves me personally, knows me intimately, and will use all the messes I and others have made in my life for good to show His-story. For I believe I was made for Him. I am not my own, I am His masterpiece, His work of art, for His pleasure and by His great love and kindness I am a vessel by which He may shine.

I believe all my tears are precious to Him and He would have come just for me.

I believe all your tears are precious to Him too and He would have come just for you!

I believe no message is more vital to our children’s souls than the message of Christ and His great love which He has for them!

I believe that even my believing is a gracious gift from God.

I trust you Lord! Have Your way in me! Thank You King of all kings for coming to the most humble of places and enduring such opposition just to redeem me!

I am not ashamed to believe in such a wonderful God as You!

Those who believe Him discover that God is true.- John 3:33


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