My to do list has a to do list

I don’t know where my friends find those funny sayings and pics they post on Facebook and on their blogs, but if I could find one that says something about every minute of the day being filled with doing things that were planned (or unplanned) or planning things that will need to be done (or undone) I’d post it. That’s what it’s been like lately in this house. Even still, I’m not hurried or rushed, thanks in part to Ann’s reminders to give thanks in all things, and the Word which equips me to have a gentle and quiet spirit in the midst of a fully scheduled day and month.

I’m writing this after a full day’s work and picking my kids up from school while one flips through the pages of a book and inhales his albuterol via nebulizer and the other son throws a rubber ball against the wall to get out some excess energy before his baseball game which we will head off to (without the coach who got called out of town on a big case today and won’t be home till this evening, and without the official score keeper and ipad usually used to keep score, leaving me, a clip board, paper and pencil to keep stats I don’t understand) as soon as the chicken tenders are done- which I threw in the oven (so me and the Music Man could eat lunch tomorrow at work)- right after filling a thermos full of ice and water and a ice chest full of cold drinks (which was going to be the oldest son’s job but he was cleaning up the mess he spilled a few minutes prior while trying to pour the ice into the ice chest).

Ok.  Chicken’s done.  Breathing treatment, done.  Kid throwing ball now reading book.  Time to throw the chicken in the oven, load up the car, praise God for Chic Fil A (so much for paleo) and the funds to buy dinner, and head to the game.


I’m gonna sleep good tonight.


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