Credo…I need to say it some more

I decided to post in the middle of the day today since I’ll be gone this evening and beginning tomorrow morning I’ll be out of town for the weekend.

Back to work on Monday morning. It’s part of the story. It’s where He has me. It’s part of my stewardship. Oh make me a light that shines in the darkness!

I’m a terrible runner. At least for long distance.  I’m not too bad at sprinting, but make me run more than 200 meters, 400 max, and I’m… Olive Oyl.  I have long legs.  You’d think that would be a strength for running, but for me it only comes in handy when I have to give it my all for a short distance.  When I set out to run a mile or two my long legs start turning themselves into big heavy things I have to drag along.  My shadow looks sort of like an uncoordinated giraffe.

I needed to revisit my credo.  Sometimes you just need to say it out loud.  Or blog it out loud.

I believe there is a Superman and unlike what Lois Lane said, the world does need Him.  I need Him.
I believe that the crumbs of grace still fall from the table.
I believe my life is not my own.
I believe in the pattern shewn.
I believe an entire new creation is coming out of Christ’s death and resurrection.
I believe I was bought at a price.
I believe I’ve been born twice.
I believe in the long obedience in the same direction spoken of here and here.
I believe nothing and no-one can snatch me out of God’s hand during my long obedience in the same direction.
I believe I’m being metamorphosed as it says here and here.
I believe evil will be destroyed by good.
I believe in my life for yours.
I believe every offense is a chance to die to myself.
I believe in the resurrection.
I believe if I hold tightly to my life I’ll loose it.
I believe if I loose my life for Christ’s sake, I’ll find it.
I believe life, wisdom and truth are all found in Christ.
I believe life is about God not about me.
I believe Christ will help my unbelief since I am mostly unbelieving.
I believe all my hope lies in the work of Christ on my behalf.
I believe I live what I really believe… and that scares me sometimes.
I believe I hunger and thirst to really live the righteousness I believe in… and therefore I have hope.
I believe mercy triumphs over judgment.
I believe good has a more violent impact on evil than vengeance.
I believe salvation comes by only one man.
If you don’t see His ways in me you can hit my brakes and stop my lights too.



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